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The Demex Climate Center


The Demex Group is a design-driven startup specializing in risk management solutions, particularly tailored for insurers and businesses exposed to extreme but non-catastrophic weather events.

I began my time at The Demex Group as their Founding Product Designer. I created their design system as well as their first suite of public facing products.


Product Designer, Full-Stack Engineer

Product Strategy, User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping

Understanding the Problem


A Deep Understanding of Our Users Led us to our Solution

Before diving into the project, I gathered together a pool of business owners, which I screened using the platform. I conducted some user research with about 50 business owners with the ultimate goal of understanding where we could fill in the gaps in their current business insurance experience.

After speaking with this pool of respondents who closely resembled our user base, we were able to learn the following about our potential users:

Mac Studio.png

Early Wireframing

Home SS.png
Search Results SS.png

Testing with our Users, and the Never-ending Process of Iteration

We tested our new platform with 5 of our actual users in order to get a feel for how our users felt about navigating the web app. We chose 5 users to test the prototype, because that is usually representative of the majority of users, anything after 5 and you start to encounter the law of diminishing returns. 5 seems to be the sweet spot for me for user testing prototypes.

After gathering all of the data and analyzing the insights drawn from our user tests, 4/5 users stated that they would like a way to look at data in relation to other areas. 

This led me and my team to designing the following graphic, which helps users further understand the data that they are looking at in relation to other geographic locations in the region.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12.05.59 PM.png

Results and Key Takeaways

Our main goal was to provide our users with an easily digestible way to understand our complex data, while also increasing our daily active users in order to make our website more "sticky".

The Demex Climate Center proved to be a huge success for Demex. In the first year of its release, Demex was able to onboard 12 new clients, as well as increase the amount of daily active users by 14%.

I learned a lot throughout the course of this project:

  • Balancing Business Goals With UX. When working in a startup, it is not uncommon for you to receive pushback on your designs that may be contrary to what you have found when learning about your users. I have learned over the years that those conversations are best had when you have the research you have conducted handy. This makes it much easier to push back and advocate for users with your stakeholders.

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